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Planning and oversight

Planning and oversight

We don’t view success as being a matter of luck and we therefore plan and supervise every element.

Before envisioning the start of a project, we undertake painstaking ground-work in conception, planning and development, analysing down to smallest of aspects. We draw up an idea for the set-up and lay-out of the property and its surroundings, optimally working out each of its spaces. We plan finishes, lighting, coating and cladding, landscaping...

Planning and oversight
Planning and oversight
  • The constant search for the best plots, able to accommodate projects with character, is our starting point. The design and construction in these plots for new high-quality projects is our specialty. Our reward is being able to offer projects designed and executed by our team and to see how those projects excel in fulfil the dreams and expectations of our clients.
  • With a global perspective, we offer clients our experience for the ad hoc design, management and execution of projects. We create exclusive homes for clients who are in search of a quality design intended to suit them. By taking on the project management, we advise regarding property search, development permits and feasibility, as well as legal aspects.

    We subsequently perform the design of the project in line with the preferences and needs, counselling the client on each of the details, portraying their ideas in an intelligent manner and anticipating any issues that may arise during the project’s execution. With our team of technicians, builders and industrial specialists, we perform the execution of the project, caring for the finest detail and carrying out thorough financial monitoring and procedural organisation of the sites. Upon completion, we have extensive complementary services available to the client, in the management and maintenance of their home.
  • Renovation projects and the considerable amount of challenges these bring with them, are one of our passions. Along with those people already owning a home and feeling drawn to our work ethos, we can undertake the comprehensive renovation of their property, yielding a home to make their dreams come true.

    From time to time and as a result of our restless and constant search for new projects, our paths cross with properties of great character, asking to be restored to their past splendour. We look for people wishing to purchase and renovate properties that are laden with history, and who are excited about sharing in the passion that is stirred up in us by this kind of project
Planning and oversight
  • In a creative manner, we blend into our projects, our technical expertise and our artistic and humanist notions in order to respond to the needs of each inhabited space.

    We carefully plan and carry out each detail and step: lighting, spacing, fittings and fixtures, decoration... in order to yield more attractive, comfortable and better equipped homes.
  • The importance of tending to the finest detail drives us to draft a carefully crafted design of the natural spaces surrounding each of our homes. We understand the project as part of a whole and endeavour to treat these natural spaces as an extension of the home, allowing us to create different atmospheres and getting the most out of every corner.

    A caring design of the garden, the optimisation of natural elements available and the inclusion of the latest environmental technologies allows us to surround each property with a singular natural space capable of offering sensational experience, for all five senses.
  • Innovation and creativity are constant driving forces in the creation of a high-quality product. For each of our projects we try to innovate by adapting to the latest technological trends in the construction of smart homes.

    Automation of the home is of great significance, in each design. We seek to offer its dwellers creative solutions in which we integrate smart home tech in order to offer unique experiences in entertainment, comfort and security.
  • On purchasing one of our properties, we offer clients thorough after-sales service in which the correct set-up and workings of the home is checked as well as the completion of all administrative procedures related to the acquisition.

    This is when a new phase begins, in which the new owner assumes the management of the property. We then offer a detailed selection of à la carte services aimed towards allowing you to care for nothing but the greatest enjoyment of your new home.

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